Just a small note of appreciation! Amy, Ava has been a patient of yours since 2009. The gains she has made have not been small, as you know. To think back to the goals we were working on during early intervention for 3 years before we went to you for just 3 short weeks were surpassed after that first course with you. We continue to be blessed with having you work with our daughter. Our dreams for Ava and knowing our daughter and all she strives for herself have been graced by your hands. We know it. We see it. Her home physical therapist noticed an increase in strength and endurance after her first week with you this year. Her teacher witnessed your gift herself while you worked with Ava. Thinking of the progress in detail…2009 from barley baering any weight through her legs nor crawling at all to crawling all over, walking with a walker and even taking 7 consecutive independent steps this year! her future is very bright with you! please never stop doing what yiu do for our kids!!!! Thank you seems so little to say but it means so much coming from our hearts so Thank You!

With appreciation, great respect and love,