My brother, Nassau County Police Officer Kenneth Baribault, has been a patient at Keep Moving Forward for only a little over one month. Kenneth was hit by a drunk driver, while on duty, and suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. We were told that he likely wouldn’t survive and that his chance of surviving at all was less than ten percent. Once he did survive, we were told he would remain in a semi-conscious state for the rest of his life, not able to walk, talk, or eat on his own ever again. Kenneth has been able to recover well beyond the doctor’s expectations: eating on his own only a few months after his injury, and being able to talk again which came about a year after his injury. Now, he is able to speak in small sentences and luckily, can understand everything that is being communicated to him.

The physical aspect was definitely more complex. His injury is on the left side of his brain, which makes the right side of his body very difficult to move, if at all. Initially, we had no movement whatsoever but as time went on, some did come back. Unfortunately, we were at another physical rehabilitation center since his injury and most of what they were doing for him was actually counterproductive. What he was able to gain back was simply from his own will and determination. After some time, we realized that something wasn’t quite right there and decided to move on. That is when we found Keep Moving Forward – Erica and Amy. They were immediately able to ascertain that the leg brace Kenneth had been wearing (suggested by the former rehabilitation facility) was not right for him at all, they also assessed other aspects of his physical condition and made necessary changes. In addition to the initial assessment of what wasn’t being done correctly, they completely transformed his physical therapy. Previously, it was very mundane, not challenging, and we saw little to no improvement. The small improvement we did see was very slow-moving and over the course of long periods of time. In just over a month at Keep Moving Forward, we have seen astonishing improvement that family and friends comment on constantly. At times, we are able to see it daily!

Kenneth is now able to walk, with very little assistance, throughout our home. Before this, he would walk with a cane, plus assistance, and it was very difficult. Now, it is more fluid and is becoming easier and easier for him to do so. He is thrilled with his progress. At first, it was challenging – it was hard for him to test his body in ways it had never been tested before. Amy and Erica did this for him – making sure he uses his TOTAL body during therapy, and the progress because of this approach has been amazing.

There’s nothing they won’t try, nothing they won’t do, and they never say never when it comes to his progress. They are confident, optimistic, and challenge him in every way he needs to be challenged. He truly appreciates this because the therapists we have had in the past usually met him with nothing but road blocks and the general rhetoric was: you can try, but I don’t think you’ll get very far. They were content to allow him to stay in a wheelchair most of the time where at Keep Moving Forward, working on walking full-time and independently wasn’t even a question – it was something that was a given, from the beginning. It was simply stated that he WILL get there, and they outlined exactly how he is going to do it, and simply got to work.

We are so thankful to have found Keep Moving Forward. I don’t know where Kenneth would be without them and I only wish he had found them sooner. In the future, when Kenneth is able to independently walk, talk, and do everything all of the “experts” deemed impossible – he’s pretty much more than half way there so it won’t be too far down the road, but once he is able to do so he’ll be Keep Moving Forward’s proudest success story and biggest advocate. Keep Moving Forward, Amy, and Erica receive our highest recommendation for a physical therapy and rehabilitation facility. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.