Thank you Amy for giving my husband and I and our 4 and a half year old son Ronnie a renewed sense of hope. I will always remember the motivation we had after our initial consultation with Amy. She reviewed with us our son Ronnie’s short and long term potentials.

We always knew Ronnie had great possibilities. Amy reviewed these with us with confidence and belief. We knew from our first introduction to the “Keep Moving Forward Intensive Physical Therapy” program, that Amy was going to push Ronnie towards his fullest capabilities and give us the tools to do so too. Amy’s philosophy and perspective on her intensive treatment program and its benefits were our deciding factors in pursuing the “Keep Moving Forward Intensive Physical Therapy” program.

Through this program Amy set goals for Ronnie. Daily, she explained to me steps Ronnie needs to take to accomplish his goals. Amy suggested tools and equipment to facilitate Ronnie’s progress during the program and even while at home. We followed her suggestions and they proved helpful. Each day Ronnie left happy reenergized and so proud of his accomplishments. I found the quick improvements in such a short time miraculous.

Ronnie had always benefited from his routine physical therapy. However, this intensive program was exactly what he needed to push him beyond his limits. The routine physical therapy set the groundwork for Ronnie to be ready to tolerate and benefit from this intensive program.

After 3 weeks of the “Keep Moving Forward Intensive Physical Therapy” program, our son changed. One of his many accomplishments is that he holds his bottle on his own, and has the energy and stamina to walk greater distances with moderate assistance. Amy pushed Ronnie to his fullest capabilities proving to us that our son was ready and capable of these, and many more accomplishments. We always felt positive about our son’s capabilities, but left each day with an even greater sense of hope and motivation.

Thank you Amy once again for pushing all of us towards a greater sense of being. We look forward to our future “Keep Moving Forward Intensive Physical Therapy” endeavors with Amy, and seeing our son continue to progress. We are so fortunate to have come across Amy and her treatment modalities. We hope others who may benefit from this type of treatment will have the opportunity to experience the “Keep Moving Forward Intensive Physical Therapy” program.

With sincere appreciation,