Zoë Lynn

She is just amazingly inspirational. Zoë is a happy Tween with a smile that’s just infectious. She enjoys all of the spoils life has to offer. To say that Zoë loves the pool would be an understatement. Swimming and swinging in her swing is her favorite past time.

Zoë has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy due to meconium aspiration. Although, her diagnosis affected Zoë’s ability to speak, walk or use her hands, she always seems to smile while trying new activities.

Getting the diagnosis 10 years ago was definitely a confirmation to what I already suspected. But, to say it didn’t shake my world would be complete dishonesty. Zoë really has made me a much better person. I’m much more patient, and compassionate human being. Together Zoë and I work hard on reaching her full potential. Getting Zoë to be as independent as she could be what we strive and pray for.

With in the last few month since Zoë began the Keep Moving Forward Program, her confidence has grown tremendously. Her muscles have become relaxed which allows ease with dressing and just doing new activities. So I am confident with all of the care and support of the Keep Moving Forward staff, Zoë is on her way to independence.


– Ty (Zoë’s Mom)