Keep Moving Forward Inc’s Hydroworx is the top underwater treadmill program on Long Island. Aquatic therapy provides a non-weight bearing intervention to enable an individual of varying levels mobility and the ability to move freely. 

This low-impact environment created through the body’s buoyancy, can help achieve one’s goals and conditioning by working one-on-one with a trained therapist to maximize functional independence. It also allows patients the opportunity to complete exercises that on land may be unable, due to the support provided by water.  Gait training in this environment allows for increased repetition and education of proper biomechanics of the upper and lower extremities. The Hydroworx provides the ability to elevate rehabilitation, wellness and performance customized to the physical needs and intensity of each patient.

 Benefits to Aquatic therapy include:

–          Improved muscular strength

–          Improved muscular tone

–          Increased cardiovascular endurance and efficiency

–          Improved Range of Motion

–          Improved balance and coordination

–          Improved Sensory processing ability