Chase is a little boy with undiagnosed physical issues, but regardless, is very determined. He has had the most trouble with his legs because they are very tight, but he works har in therapy to improve every day. This journey with Chase has been a rollercoaster of emotions, especially because we don’t have a concrete diagnosis. We have been sad, scared, but also thankful and hopeful that he will one day walk completely unassisted with strong, solid legs. We came to KMF not knowing if they would be able to help him, but now we could not imagine not having found them! They immediately gave us hope, strategies, and confidence of growing capabilities. We think that this place and group of people are simply angels of light. They could not be more positive, insightful, and absolute experts in their field. We love them! Thank you for all that you do! Without you we do not know where Chase and our family would be!

– Steve (Chase’s Dad)