“Keep Moving Forward is a happy and wonderful place filled with promise and hope. The therapy room is cheery and the walls are lined with inspirational quotes, reminding everyone there is no room for negativity here. As a mom of a differently-abled child, we have lots of appointments where I hold my breath praying there is no new developments or setbacks. At Keep Moving Forward, I never hold my breath because I know every session will result in progress, no matter how tiny. I see the same look in the eyes of the other parents as they watch tiny miracles unfold in their children. We share our stories and experiences and cheer for each other’s children.

Intensive PT is not easy, its hard work. I watch my son struggle and stumble and he never gives up. Most importantly, all the therapists never give up. They push him to work harder each time. At times, I think it is beyond his limits, but EACH TIME I am SURPRISED when he does something new. The pride in Coles eyes at his accomplishments is priceless. Together the PTs develop a program geared towards Cole’s specific needs. Each session is filled with creative tips, practical advice and always homework. We diligently do our homework and when I’m tired and want to skip a day, I am reminded with an enthusiastic “Mommy I wanted to do my exercise!”

The PTs are very well versed in their skill it is evident that they have the educational and hands on experience to be good, but it is their passion that makes them great PTs. It is rare to find people who are so passionate and enthusiastic about their work. I always knew Cole was meant to do great things and it never mattered if he did these great things on two wheels or two legs, however that vision of him being on two legs becomes clearer after each session, and so we will continue to keep moving forward.”

– Shona (Cole’s Mom)