Charitable Endeavors

The “Go baby Go” project involves modifying off the shelf toy cars to allow access and mobility for special needs drivers (between the ages of 2 and 7). These modifications include changing the electronics, adding or removing seating components, and possibly changing the steering mechanism so all drivers can safely and independently navigate their environment. Started at the University of Delaware by Professor Galloway, he dreamed a program to bridge the gap between children who suffered from mobility issues and their desire to explore the world around them. Since his start in 2007, he has fit over 100 children for adaptive toy cars and has sparked up local chapters throughout the United States as well as internationally. We are proud to have started the first Long Island chapter in 2018 and have been able to provide over 20 cars for local drivers. With the assistance by Stonybrook University’s ASME program increased creativity and assistance on optimal mechanics for the best ride possible.

Ronald McDonald House:

A Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to call home so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little to no cost. As we partner with Ronald McDonald House of New Hyde Park, it has created a safe space for many of our out of state patients. With meals and a wonderful experience, it has created a space that creates love and support for a family so that the health of a child can be the center of focus.

Providing meals for our local Ronald McDonald House has been crucial to our community and we continue to provide our resources to them

Blessings from Bella

In March of 2017, Bella was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma and had undergone life-changing brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. With a long road filled with chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Isabella’s parents, family, and friends were been by her side to help her fight for nearly 2 years before she received her angel wings on March 5, 2019. Since then, Blessings from Bella hopes to provide small items to local hospitals for children going through difficult battles for smiles and happiness. 

We have also sponsored many other organizations including Fore Erika, Team Peri, Arms Wide Open and many more as they continue to provide good to our community.