The TheraSuit is a soft, proprioceptive, dynamic, orthosis, consisting of a cap, vest, shorts, knee pads, and shoes. Each piece is connected with tension bands that are aligned in the direction of muscle fibers. The bands can be pulled for greater resistance to cue the muscle to work harder. The tension also creates and maintains the body in proper alignment during activity performance with intent to carry over when the suit is off.

Core stabilization is reinforced with the use of the TheraSuit. It is essential to maintain optimal alignment during functional activities, such as crawling or ambulation.

A few of the many benefits of the TheraSuit:-

  • Improved Proprioception
  • Influence Vestibular System
  • Re-train The Central Nervous System
  • Reduce Pathological Reflexes
  • Restore Proper Movement Patterns and Posture
  • Tactile and Sensory Stimulation
  • Improve Speech Production and Fluency
  • Load The Body With Gravity Type pressures
  • Accelerate The Progress Of Newly Learned Movements and Functional Skills