Bradyen is a sweet boy whose smile lights up the room. His expression of happiness extends from his head down to his toes. At 3 months old he was diagnosed with Microcephaly. He overcame seizures at 6 months old, he is globally developmentally delayed has cortical visual impairment as well as a non-typical form of hypotonic cerebral palsy and Autism. These diagnoses do not define him they are just pieces to a larger Puzzle in Brayden’s Journey.
We found Keep Moving forward through Lily, a friend in Brayden’s school and could not wait to get him started. During our first evaluation session, we knew he was in amazing hands.
He started in March 2018 we had no idea what to expect and simply wanted to do everything to help him develop both physically and cognitively. We have noticed significant improvements in both his responsiveness and his slow but steady progress. The vestibular movement and the creative out of the box techniques have actually opened up His Mind to more learning as reported by his teachers and how he engages with us at Home!
The staff at Keep Moving Forward has gone above and beyond for Brayden and us as caregivers. There are no words to express our level of gratitude for their constant support in high-energy. Each therapist and therapy assistant has a unique ability to work with each child and help pull out their strengths while teaching them at their level. The Whole Team starting with your Awesome front desk ladies make a difference in each of our Lives!
We Feel like Keep Moving Forward is an Extension To Our Family. Brayden Loves Each and Every one of them and shows it when he’s asleep and awake. We Truly appreciate everything they do. Only Brayden can tell us how far he will go and with this crew TeamBRAYBRAY is unstoppable.