Our seven year old daughter Grace was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 15 months. Naturally we were devastated but also determined to source the therapy she would require to enable her to reach her full potential. Frustrated by the lack of resources in our home country of Ireland, we had no choice but to look further afield.

That search led us to Ms. Amy Eapen and Keep Moving Forward. When Grace was eighteen months old, we embarked on what would be the first of many incredible trips to New York for intensive physical therapy. Amy is, quite simply, AMAZING. She is the reason our daughter is now walking independently. Without Amy’s input over the last 6 years, I am certain Grace would be in a very different place. Amy’s professionalism, dedication and obvious love for her job transcends her work. She has never placed limits on what Grace can achieve and seeing Grace achieving goals we her parents only dreamed about over the years, makes us believe that with hard work and determination, anything IS possible.

The highest commendation for Amy and Keep Moving Forward actually comes from Grace and her friends from school. The major improvements from our last visit were immediately obvious to Grace’s friends. Her new independent mobility has proven hugely successful in her personal relationships with her peers and Grace is already talking about the goals she wants Amy to help her achieve during our next visit in a couple of months!

Thank you so much Amy. You have made such a difference to Grace’s life, and ours too. We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives. See you soon!