My son Hunter was born early at 26 weeks and suffered a grade 3 bilateral brain bleed, causing hypertonia in his limbs and loss of tone in his trunk. In the beginnings of therapy, we were optimistic about how Hunter would do since he had no intellectual impairment and is very hard working. Keep Moving Forward had great reviews and we were very impressed with the staff when we first toured the facility. We must say, we were not let down because the results have been excellent and are very much in sync with how we anticipated therapy to help our son. Everything about Keep Moving Forward has been wonderful, not only is the staff extremely friendly and knowledgeable, but the facility has new and modern equipment. Keep Moving Forward is an excellent choice for anyone that needs help in overcoming a physical impairment. My on Hunter has progressed so much because of the great staff, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

-Ryan (Hunters Dad)