Kayla M.

On the morning of September 27, 2013 our lives changed forever. Our beautiful 17 month old baby Kayla sustained a near drowning accident. She now requires years of extensive rehabilitation and aggressive treatments in order to get her life back.
We want Kayla to feel like a child, participate in meaningful activities, and ease the burden of all these doctors appointments. From the perspective of a father, it breaks my heart that I cannot throw her around, chase after her or just be silly with my little girl, BUT I know that she is coming back. Kayla has done extensive therapies but the intensive therapy that Kayla receives at KMF is so much more personal. Keep Moving Forward give me hope that Kayla will walk again. Having worked with these therapist, “I could not ask for any better.”

1. purposeful movement
2. functional positioning
3. sitting, standing, & walking