Kayla T.


Kayla has been a patient at Keep Moving Forward (KMF) since February of 2014. As a result of her premature birth she suffered a brain injury that has led to a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy at 18 months of age.

Our initial meeting/evaluation session with Amy Eapen was very positive and created a sense of optimism and trust that we had not felt with any of our daughter’s therapists in the past. The staff at KF were warm and caring to Kayla and she in return looked forward to seeing them. Kayla enjoyed her 3 week intensive and continues to enjoy her ongoing sessions. There are times when she is challenged or fatigued and becomes uncomfortable but her therapists are able to aid, coach and encourage her in a way so that she doesn’t become discouraged. The staff at KMF have come to know Kayla and see her full potential. We as a family, have come to the realization that KMF will be a part of Kayla’s life as she continues her journey with physical therapy and reaches her full potential. WE HAVE YET TO ENCOUNTER ANOTHER PROVIDER OF SERVICES WHO “KNOWS AND CARES” FOR OUR FAMILY THE WAY THE KMF FAMILY DOES.

Watching Kayla strive towards goals such as sitting, crawling, and bicycle riding has been a joy for both us and her. Kayla gets stronger with each session and is able to sit unassisted for short period of time and has shown improvements with head and trunk control. Her journey will be long but we are proud of her gains thus far and happy with her progress. Additionally, we have learned invaluable information to support our daughters physical therapy needs at home. We appreciate the therapeutic value of KMF and realize that the KMF therapists have been instrumental in Kayla’s physical achievements thus far.

As a parent of a child with special needs, you’re always fighting to make sure your child is receiving the best service available to them. We certainly believe having Kayla attend KMF is the best physical therapy providers available to her and we are happy to have such a wonderful program service our daughter’s needs and thankful to work with the KMF family.


  1. independent sitting
  2. crawling
  3. transitions

– Eddie & Michelle (Kaya’s Parents)