“Though she be little, she is fierce.” This Shakespearean quote had described Lily since the day she was born. Our 1lb 13-ounce miracle has always had the fight to grow, improve and learn in all aspects of her life. Lily was born premature at 26 weeks and 3 days. Due to prematurity, she developed Hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, cognitive and speech delays, oral motor weakness and seizure disorder. Lily has always worked hard during her EI and CPSE therapies, however our family knew Lily needed more. After seeing a friend’s post about her son’s progress at Keep Moving Forward we decided to take Lily for an evaluation. My mother and I were amazed by how much Lily could do with the help of the TheraSuit and cage! Our family knew that the therapy provided at KMF was necessary for Lily to continue to progress. In June of 2017, Lily started weekly therapy with Amy, Elizabeth, or Amanda. We quickly saw the improvement when Lily went form sitting up for seconds to minutes, she was able to stand and walk with confidence with the help of the TheraSuit. Her left hand has always been contracted and now she has started to use that hand! Her “special had” will clap and knock down blocks (something that has never happened). Over the last year and a half, Lily has shown us so many amazing new skills including sitting to stand, sitting on uneven surfaces, walking with the assistance of bungees and crawling on all fours. Presently she is working on walking in a walker, which will allow her to be more independent. Keep Moving Forward is more than a therapy place, it is a family. On her therapy days, Lily and I walk in and we are greeted with smiles. Each therapist know Lily’s “language” by heart and is able to tell her to do things in terms she understands. Lily has formed quite an amazing bond with on of the therapy aides, Melissa. I never knew that my daughter would have a best friend in an adult. Melissa bonds with Lily and makes her laugh, which allows therapy to be a happy experience for all involved, especially Lily! Thank you Keep Moving Forward for all you have given the Maisano/Murphy family and especially our Lily!