A patient at KMF since 2012


  • Riding a tricycle
  • Jumping
  • Improved strength in left side during transitions, stairs and ambulation
  • Improved strength, posture and endurance
  • Improved ROM, muscle length and positioning

Matthew was born at 30 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks. He faced a lot of challenges with breathing, eating and digestion. He has had to work to overcome weakness and tightness in his muscles and joints. He still needs to find the confidence in his body and in his growing strength. He is smart and sweet and so much fun. I love watching him grow and learn.

We haven’t done intensive but have had weekly visits. In the earliest session I felt so grateful to have someone that could teach me the stretches and movements. It was empowering to learn how to help him loosen up, move and eventually reach his milestones. It is hard to watrch him struggle, be afraid and use his body but so amazing to see him succeed.

I am extremely happy with the results at each phase of his therapy. As an infant we worked primarily on his tight muscles and joints. We moved on to helping him sit up, roll over, hold himself up on his tummy and reach ing milestones. Next was crawling, balance, and eventually walking. Now we are working towards making sure each muscle gains the strength it needs so that he can run, climb, jump and have the confidence and skills to play and interact with other kids.

I am so happy with the therapist who work with him. They are gentle and caring, but find ways to motivate him and give him the push that he needs. They make the activities fun and interesting with the equipment, toys, and games. They teach him and me so that we can work and practice at home. They listen to him and treat him with respect. They come up with new ways to work out his muscles and keep it interesting.

The Therasuit has been an incredible addition to his therapy. It helps isolate different muscles and help him feel like he can do the movements before he can on his own.

– Melissa (Matthew’s Mom)