N- Never Give Up.   When Nyah was born the Neurologist could not distinguish the gray  matter from the white matter in her brain.  Her prognosis was so poor that the doctors stated that Nyah would be the equivalent of  a “contracted vegetable”.  Nyah  would never walk nor even sit up. It is in  Steve and I’s  best  interest to institutionalize her and move on with our lives.  Steve and I prayed, and we were thinking of moving to Hungary to get the physical therapy that she needed.  Then, one day our prayers were answered.
A Parent to Parent magazine came home in  Nyah’s book bag from school.  There it was an Ad from Keep Moving Forward.  The next day I called and Nyah has metaphorized from the crystallization phase through a beautiful butterfly.  Our baby is walking.  Her determination and the motto of KMF Never, Never, Give up.”   is the inspiration for Ny Ny’s perseverance

Y- Yes   Nyah can.  What ever physical barriers or challenges that she  comes across  Keep Moving Forward  knocks it down.

A- Achieve and believe:     

Nyah’s inner strength with KMF has propelled her to:

  • Stand up and walk
  • Move backwards to open the door.
  • Pick up objects from the floor while walking.
  • Getting up from a sitting position.
  • Jogging on the tread mill for 30 mins on level 4
  • ADL (easier to dress)

Results from achievement:

  • No more constipation, No more hospitalization
  • No more acid reflux
  • Got up and walked 3 days post op from Spinal fusion


H- Happy.  Nyah is very happy when she comes to KMF.  She thrives off the staff’s praise and encouragement. She is constantly laughing.  For Steve and I, it warms our hearts to hear the laughter and happiness from our Ny Ny’s voice.