Officer Kenneth

A patient at Keep Moving Forward since 2013


  • Static and dynamic standing balance
  • Transition with minimal to no assistance
  • Independent ambulation without an assistive device e
  • Right side strengthening and weight bearing

There’s nothing Keep Moving Forward won’t try, nothing they won’t do, and they NEVER SAY NEVER when it comes to his progress. They are confident, optimistic, and challenge him in every way he needs to be challenged. He truly appreciates this because the therapists we have had in the past usually met him with nothing but road blocks and the general rhetoric was: you can try, but I don’t think you’ll get very far. They were content to allow him to stay in a wheelchair most of the time where Keep Moving Forward, working on walking full-time and independently wasn’t even a question- it was something that was a given from the beginning. It was simply stated that HE WILL GET THERE, and they outlined exactly how he is going to do it and simply got to work.


– Danielle (Ken’s Sister)