Testimonial - Matthew

My son, Matthew, was born at 30 weeks and has faced many challenges as a preemie. I believe that our physical therapist, Amy Eapen, has made a world of difference in his life and abilities.

Amy has fantastic instincts and has always known when to push him and when he needs to be reassured or comforted. Amy is able to do so much for him with use the equipment at the office each week but also has given me the tools and the confidence to work with him at home.

Amy is a talented therapist and truly an amazing person. She has worked with my son, Matthew, since he was 6 weeks old and has been there to help us reach each milestone. He just turned 1 and is now crawling, pulling to stand, and cruising along the furniture. I know that because of Amy and our hard work that Matthew will be able to do anything he dreams of.

I have also had the privilege of seeing Amy and Erica work with children with special needs and considerable developmental delays. I have watched others progress and reach milestones that many thought were impossible. It is incredible to see what the intensive therapy program helps them to achieve.

I feel blessed that we found Amy and have the opportunity to work with her and the staff at Keep Moving Forward.

Melissa Cahill

          Amy Eapen is so much more than a physical therapist. She is personally invested in your child's assessment, challenges and growth. We were lucky enough to find Amy when our grandson was only a month old. When you meet Amy, you are immediately impressed with her intelligence and her focus..but it is her gentle, clear approach to the parents as well as the child that is so amazing. Amy teaches the entire family to help your child. She is a therapist, a resource and a friend who can help your child's special needs. She has helped us to help our grandson "catchup" from a 10 week premature birth. Our 5 year old family friend who has CP and is in a wheelchair is now stable, standing and controlling more of his body every day. Walking is in his immediate, amazing future. Amy is someone you can trust with the your child and your dreams for your child.


Sincerely yours,

Jennifer Laszlo (Matthew’s Grandma)

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