My son David graduated from his special needs high school in 2016. He has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, severe mental retardation and could stand only for a few seconds before collapsing to the floor. Instead of putting David in a day program, having minimal therapies, I decided to step up his treatment by finding a center that catered to people with debilitating conditions, couple with neurological impairments. I searched all over the downstate region and finally found Keep Moving Forward, a one-of-a-kind therapeutic center. Something Amy said to me during the interview, made me certain we were in the right place. She said, the word “plateau” does not exist at Keep Moving Forward. Since joining the family at Keep Moving Forward, David has made significant progress. He can now stand for a sustained period and has learned to stand and pivot transfer. David has also taken steps in a gait trainer. None of these gains would have happened in a day program. Amy’s staff members are some of the most dedicated clinicians i have ever seen. And they truly believe all of their clients, will progress under their care. I am eternally grateful to them. – Kathryn Mom to David


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